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SRX Spray On / Rinse Off Ceramic


The easiest and fastest ceramic sealant available.  SRX utilizes covalent bond technology to attach to the vehicle’s surface and create a slick, shiny and tough protective coating on the vehicle.

The unique benefit of this product is the fast and simple application.  After washing the vehicle, rinse with water.  While it is still wet, spray a light mist of SRX on the vehicle.  Then rinse with water again.  You will notice the vehicle beads and repels the water.  Then dry the vehicle with a microfiber cloth.

SRX is the perfect product for new car dealerships, mobile detailers, and D.I.Y enthusiasts to keep their vehicle in show car shape.



  • Ceramic technology protects your vehicle surface
  • Utilizes covalent bonding to attach to vehicle surface
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Creates a slick, shiny & durable finish
  • Acts like a “Rain-X” on glass making it repel water
  • Protects plastic trim from UV damage


  • Wash vehicle and rinse with water
  • While still wet, spray a light mist of SRX onto the vehicle’s surface
  • Rinse with water again.  You will notice the surface beading and repelling the water
  • Dry vehicle with a microfiber cloth

SRX-Ceramic- SDS

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16oz., 32oz., 1 Gallon


Professional Detailing, Recreational, Residential



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