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In addition to providing products, equipment and training to some of the best professionals in the fields of – mould remediation, restorative & renovation services, asbestos abatement, fentanyl & opioid eradication and forensic restoration – we also have the ability to refer them to those in need!

So, if you need help, please call or go to our Contacts page and we will put you in touch with the right people and services!

Why Are We Sick In Our Own Home?

Specialists in this field will determine the areas of concern – what’s contributing to your health concerns – then help you manage and/or remedy it quickly!

Consulting Services should include a list of Indoor Air Quality (“IAQ”) services, such as:

  • Profiling and logging of indoor air quality complaints.
  • Monitoring for IAQ parameters such as relative humidity (RH), temperature, O2, CO2 and carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and differential pressure.
  • Inspection of the HVAC systems.
  • Strata unit investigation with detailed reporting, analytics and professional opinion.
  • Sampling for indoor air contaminants.
  • Analysis and interpretation of IAQ data.
  • Identification of problem sources.

The symptoms of poor indoor air are often referred to as sick building syndrome or SBS and include a variety of complaints that can be associated with inadequately controlled indoor air parameters:

  • Insufficient or excessive humidity.
  • Too low or too high temperature.
  • Improper air exchange and air flow rates.
  • Excessive amount of carbon dioxide and/or carbon monoxide.
  • Contamination of indoor air.

The problems of indoor air quality typically originate from:

  • Unbalanced heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.
  • Contaminated, new or off-gassing materials.
  • Pets, smoke or fire damage or cigarette smoke.
  • Poorly maintained air filters and blowers.
  • Contamination of air ducts and air handling units.
  • Penetration of airborne contaminants into the building.
  • Excessive moisture or leakage of water or sanitary piping.
  • Lack of ventilation.

Sound Familiar?

We can put you in touch with professionals that provide reliable testing and advice for solving poor indoor air quality and related problems.

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