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There are important differences between cleaning and disinfecting or sanitizing. While surfaces may look clean on the surface, they may not necessarily be hygienic. Cleaning works to remove germs and dirt at surface level however sanitizing works to ensure the germs are killed to reduce the spread of infection. While thorough cleaning can be effective at decreasing the spread of infection, fully disinfecting areas with chemicals can decrease the risk even more.​

To ensure harmful germs do not pose a risk to people, surfaces should be cleaned using effective chemicals and solutions. This means using disinfectant cleaners that are proven to kill germs and bacteria when used correctly and safely. Using hospital-grade disinfectants is recommended as a rule of thumb.​

Safety is top priority when it comes to using disinfectants. In order to use products safely and to ensure maximum effectiveness, instructions should clearly be followed, and individuals trained properly on how to use them.​

Foster First Solutions has a wide selection of professional products and & equipment to help decontaminate and sanitize for the safety of all staff and customers:​

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