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Super Juice


Super Juice is a citrus-based interior cleaner. It was aptly named “screaming vinyl death” by one customer who swears it will clean even the dirtiest vinyl and carpets. This product is unique, there is not another product on the market like it. It literally melts dirt and grime off of vinyl. It also cleans carpets making them fluffy and creating a clean citrus smell which customers love. Used on vinyl, carpets, and when diluted, it can be used on leather.

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    • Strong concentrated formula.
    • Does not contain Caustic.
    • Concentrated. Dilute up to 30:1 to clean carpets and vinyl.
    • Contains d-limonene to clean grease and leave a great citrus smell.
    • Leaves carpeting fluffy not sticky
    • Unique. No other product like it!


    • Dilute with water per dilution recommendations below.
    • Spray or brush onto area to be cleaned.  Agitate to loosen dirt.
    • Wipe area with a clean, damp cloth to remove dirt from surface.  Repeat until cloth comes up clean.
    • Allow to air dry or use a wet/dry vacuum to speed up drying time.

Recommended Dilutions:

  • For cleaning dirty interiors, dilute Super Juice 12:1 ( 12 parts water 1 part Super Juice)
  • For pre spotting carpets dilute 6:1
  • For use as an exterior pre soak dilute 15-1
  • For routine vinyl & carpet cleaning, dilute 20:1
  • For leather cleaning, dilute 30:1

Ingredients: Water (7732-18-5)Solvent, 2-butoxyethanol (111-76-2)Solvent, Confidential Ingredient (withheld)Surfactant, Terpene Hydrocarbon (68956-56-9)Solvent, Confidential Ingredient (withheld), Dye (proprietary) Colorant.

Super-Juice – Tech Sheet


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