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There is multi-year plan to build much-needed new homes within First Nations communities across Canada. This will provide a better quality of life and health for people.

Within the long-term plan there remains an urgent need to improve the conditions of the existing housing in communities, while awaiting newly constructed homes to replace them. In addition, wellness and health centers play a significant role in First Nations communities. Schools, day cares, senior centers are all of consideration when it comes to members health. We start with Healthy Homes!

Cleaning the air, killing germs, removing contaminants within homes and community buildings is required – right now! This includes moulds on surfaces, in the air, as well as cleaning the heating ducts (and/or HVAC) to eliminate odours and improve health conditions.

To date, there have been challenges in communities to have this work done effectively, consistently and at a reasonable cost.

Foster First Solutions has a Services Team of experts to quantify and qualify the much-needed work by contractors. We will invite remediation/clean up companies to better understand what the needs are for First Nations communities – educate them on sensitivity, cultural awareness, and values of the First Nations people.

The work will be priced according to size and other requirements. Contractors will be chosen that meet or exceed those requirements.

In addition to overseeing the cleaning of homes in communities, the team will assure that local community members – students too – are able to find employment as part of the pre and post treatment processes. Raising awareness and providing education on managing and maintaining environments to maintain healthy air quality will be provided to those interested – old and young alike.


A Team of experienced, knowledgeable people prepared to dig in to provide a much-needed selection process to create and maintain Healthy Homes!

NICOLE CHUBATY – Administrator |  Liaison Officer

Nicole has worked with and for First Nations across Canada in many ways within economic development – planning and opportunities.  Creating unique and targeted educational and training programs for community members, as well as assisting in securing risk-free financing to pursue their Specific Claims.

With strong, administrative skills, Nicole can lead project management and even direct marketing needs when required. With that successful background in team management, combined multimedia design, a tenure as a college professor teaching multimedia and design studies, was a natural progression for her when it was offered.

Nicole has also provided her services to Microsoft Canada, Corus Entertainment, Bell Canada, and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) – where she innovated on projects such as digitizing the CNIB library and creating an interactive gaming portal for visually impaired children. Not bad, eh!

Nicole is a critical member of the Services Division Team, helping to administrate the services Foster First Solutions provides First Nations. Her input in the due diligence for the selection and vetting of the best remediators available, is also much needed. Nicole is intimately familiar with the Four Pillars – its benefits and challenges – and will provide the team direction needed as we increase our efforts beyond eastern Canada.

MARK FOSTER – Administrator | Product & Equipment Supply

Mark Foster has built a career building and consulting to companies in all stages of growth. From inception to funding requirements and ultimately sell off. Several years ago, he consulted to a company looking for help with a funding strategy. That company was in the business of supplying disinfection, decontamination products for distribution across Canada and the USA. Mark saw an opportunity by adding many more lines of products and wider distribution then pulled the trigger on the change. Warehousing products and equipment in eastern and western Canada has grown the business at a rapid rate providing effective, safe products across many industry sectors.  In recent years, together with Nicole and Brad, Mark has helped to create the Healthy Homes program for the First Nations communities and looks forward to the results of the Team.

BRAD SMITH –  Industry Advisor

With 20 years in the manufacture and provision of remediation, decontamination, disinfecting and cleaning solutions has defined Brad’s dedication to the industry. As Vice-President of Artemis BioSolutions, he has worked a wide variety of markets including government, military and law enforcement. His products are used worldwide in Health Care, Homes, Schools, Food Service, Hospitality, Military, Environmental Remediation, Disaster Relief, Hospitality, Restoration, Recreation, Cruise Ships, wherever protection against bacteria, viruses, mold, pathogens and toxic chemicals exist. With a mission dedicated to the increase of human safety, his career has been the pursuit of effective and environmentally responsible disinfection and decontamination products that improve the health of our families, friends, and communities worldwide. Brad is a much-needed Advisor to Foster First Solutions SERVICES DIVISION Team, as one of the stellar manufacturers of products that are consistently powerful, effective, yet SAFE!

CRAIG FOURIE – Advisor | Science Officer

Craig holds several degrees in Science, Mycology, Engineering and Environmental Studies. For the past 30 years his company’s passion is the focus on air quality – residential and commercial – and is top in his field. Craig’s mission is to provide services which combine advanced technology and environmental principles to produce clean air and healthy environments. Craig is called on by many companies and other remediators when traditional methods don’t achieve the desired results. He is also referred to patients of physicians, toxicologists and those providing naturopathic medicine, to help with long suffering symptoms to help get their lives back on track, using his natural approach. Craig provides the Team his in-depth knowledge and experience whenever needed, for the improved health of First Nations communities.

CLAY HERNANDEZ – Training | Environmental Testing Specialist

Clay Hernandez holds a number of industry licenses and certifications, including: Florida Mold Assessor, Florida Mold Remediator, GBAC Certified Technical Operator, IICRC WTR, IICRC ASD, Crime and Trauma Scene Bio-Recovery Technician, Renovation Best Practices in Health System Facilities (ICRA), HAZWOPER 40-Hour and LEAD Renovator. He lends 20 years of field experience in the professional restoration and remediation industry to Foster First Solutions and their customers by recommending the most effective uses of the company’s products and training methods.  A Senior Project Consultant for Environmental Testing and Consulting firms, Clay provides customized remediation support, environmental health and safety, sustainability consulting, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and laboratory analysis services. As National Director of Technical Sales & Training at Artemis Bio-Solutions, LLC, Clay lends his expertise and supports the Healthy Homes initiatives with and for Foster First Solutions, as we determine the needs of First Nations communities in Canada.

DAVID HART – Scientific Advisor & Instructor   |  HVAC Cleaning & Decontamination Specialist

David Hart is a Certified Forensic Operator and Instructor with 30 years of field experience in the cleaning and restoration industry. Observing substandard results provided by existing cleaning equipment, David designed the RamAir Duct Cleaning System, and in 2007, launched RamAir International, Inc. to manufacture the equipment. In addition to continued fieldwork, David has continued to design cleaning and decontamination products, systems and protocol that have advanced the global HVAC, IAQ, and medical industries to the next level, for which he has been awarded U.S. patents. David served in the U.S. Army, during which he was selected for Military Intelligence, and is Chapter Leader of the Guardian Angels Alliance. David is a welcome addition to the Healthy Homes Projects providing his years of experience and technical expertise, providing training to benefit First Nations communities across Canada.


SERVICES DIVISION – Healthy Homes Program Overview

  • Provision of a transparent infrastructure of services that will broker clean up services for First Nations communities.
  • Quality control throughout.
  • Killing germs, eliminating moulds, removing odours done by professionals at reasonable prices.
  • Cleanups for primarily homes, and possible community buildings, schools, senior centers, daycares, if needed.
  • Tiered pricing – fair pricing – packaged dependent on square footage of residence or community.
  • Quick, effective results by using effective products and equipment.
  • Cleanups done in 2 to 4 hours on average.
  • Hire community members to provide pre and post treatment work and include students.
  • Train / educate on how to prevent and manage mould and other contaminants.
  • Initiate a STOP THE MOULD program within the community as a Foster First Solutions residual benefit.
  • Build and maintain a relationship of TRUST.



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