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Decontamination is the process by which materials and surfaces are rendered reasonably free of microorganisms or toxins and safe to handle. The primary objective of decontamination is to protect containment zone personnel and the community from exposure to pathogens that may cause disease.

Decontamination is fundamental to preventing the spread of pathogens within and outside of any given environment. Depending on the situation, decontamination may require sterilization (the complete destruction of all microorganisms, including bacterial spores) or disinfection (the destruction and removal of specific types of microorganisms).

Effective decontamination of areas and/or equipment represents a critical containment barrier whereby failure in the decontamination procedure can result in occupational exposure to infectious agents and/or the unintentional release of agents from a containment facility. It is critical to look to professionals that are well trained to deal with Decontamination! Please go to our “Contact” page if you need help.

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