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Superstratum Deodor Bomb


Superstratum Deodor Bomb: Breathe Life

Modern energy-efficient buildings are airtight, trapping mycotoxins, dust, chemicals, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) inside. This problem can accumulate over years, making indoor air dangerously toxic for you and your family. For those sensitized or with genetic variations that hinder methylation, mycotoxins can contribute to serious chronic diseases.

We realized it was time for a solution.

Chlorine Dioxide Gas (CLO2) – The Spirit of Purity

Introducing a new era – the revolutionary Superstratum Deodor Bomb. This is the only solution designed to tackle the invisible mycotoxins lurking in the deep recesses of your home. Our patented delivery system effortlessly activates with just the addition of water, releasing the perfect concentration of CLO2 gas to fill your entire building envelope.

Breath is life, and every breath in your home should be pure.

Powerful and Effective Without Leaving Toxic Chemicals

The Deodor Bomb is powerful enough to destroy mycotoxins, VOCs, and odors. Once it’s done, it breaks down into a salt. That means you don’t have to worry about residual chemicals affecting your sensitivity.

We created our products to serve those who are sensitized.

Easy Delivery System

With three different sizes of Deodor Bomb, you can accurately deliver the right amount of CLO2 gas into each room of your home.

Overnight Treatment

Our 12-hour overnight treatment can be easily completed over the course of a weekend.

Powerful Performance

Superstratum Deodor Bombs are strong enough to break down chemicals, VOCs, and even tough hidden odors.


  1. Calculate the amount of Deodor Bombs needed for your project. Deodor Bombs are based in cubic feet. Need help? Enter your home information into our Order Wizard and let it do the calculation.[USAGE AMOUNT CHART]
  2. Follow the product instructions and activate the Deodor Bombs in your home.
  3. Return the next morning and open up the doors and windows to air the gas out.


SDS Superstratum Deodor Bomb

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