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MST 606 ULV Battery-Powered Backpack Sprayer


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Key Benefits Overview:

New Lithium-Ion battery technology allows for freedom of operation, with no cables to carry around and no need for a wall outlet. The MST 606 Backpack Sprayer delivers 2 hours of continuous operation along with precise flow rate and droplet control. Droplet size can be controlled for both ULV and residual spraying.

Freedom from wires: With the MST 606 ULV Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer, you can work where a power outlet is not available, or hard to reach. Skip the setup and extension cord dragging on your next project. Recharges from a standard wall outlet – just pack it and go.

Delivers the perfect micron droplet size: MST 606 ULV Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer is engineered to deliver the perfect micron droplet at the perfect flow rate, maximizing efficacy, while avoiding over-saturation.

Convenient, affordable, and effective: Properly atomizing Artemis products with the MST 606 ULV Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer will save you time and expense on your next job.

Built to last. The unit’s vortex nozzle is designed to be clog resistant. The solution tank is made from rugged, chemical-resistant polyurethane. A one-way valve protects the engine from liquid backflow.

Designed to quickly apply disinfectants, biocides, insecticides, and oil and water-based solutions.

Additional information

Weight 12.7 kg
Dimensions 54 × 28 × 49 cm

Biohazard Decontamination, Cleaning & Disinfecting, Flood & Disaster Restoration, Mould Remediation

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