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Fast ‘N Brite


Utilizing the same unique abrasives as Mystique but with the added bonus of exotic waxes and oils, Fast ‘N’ Brite allows you to clean paint using a special blend of surfactants, abrasives and polishing agents. Very easy, user-friendly formula contains reactive silicone polymers for longevity. Removes medium to heavy oxidation and scratches. Great alternative to One Shot for a more swirl free finish.

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Fast ‘N’ Brite is the perfect one step product.  It uses mild polishing abrasives to remove oxidation, swirl marks, spider-web scratches, and light to medium scratches.  And, it contains high quality polymers that will seal and protect the paint surface.  This product is perfect for auctions, detail shops and mobile detailers who need a one step product that is easy to use and long-lasting.


    • Produces a very bright and slick finish.
    • Removes road film, oxidation and medium to heavy scratches without leaving swirls.
    • Very easy clean up.
    • Very fast and easy to use.
    • Apply with an orbital or high speed polisher
    • Lasts for 3 – 6 months

Ingredients: Water (7732-18-5)Solvent, Hydrotreated light alkanes (64742-47-8)Solvent, Alumina (1318-23-6)Abrasive, Dimethylsilicone Fluid (9016-00-6)Lubricant, Tall Oil Acid (61790-12-3)Lubricant, Confidential Ingredient, PEG Copolymer (withheld)Emulsion Stabilizer, Confidential Ingredient (withheld), DMDM Hydantoin (6440-58-0)Preservative, Dye (proprietary)Colorant.


Fast-n-Brite – Tech Sheet

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