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Eco Wax


Eco Wax utilizes only synthetic polymers & Si02 polymers to give the detailer the ease of use and results they need. Eco Wax creates a long lasting, deep shine that lasts for several months. It contains nano-technology polymers that cure and adhere to the paint protecting the surface from detergents, UV light, road salt and environmental contaminates. Eco Wax is also safe for the environment. It does not contain any VOCs, yet it performs better than waxes that contain VOCs. It spreads very easily and dries quickly. It is easily removed with a single wipe of a micro-fiber cloth. Also, it will not stain rubber or plastic trim!

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Eco Wax is an easy to use, high polymer and ceramic (Si02) wax & sealant.  It can be used by hand, orbital buffer, and high speed buffer.  It creates a slick, deep, gloss that will last for months.  Eco Wax contains all man-made polymers to create a high-tech, professional quality finish.  It is perfect for use on everything from show cars to your every day driver because it is easy to use, long-lasting and creates a great finish.


  • Easy on – Easy off Applications
  • Does not stain molding
  • Use on paint, glass, chrome and plastic trim
  • Zero VOC water-based formula.
  • Very low dust.
  • Can be used by hand or buffer
  • Last for several months
  • Creates a deep, shine
  • Non-oily finish
  • Nano-Technology Formula

Ingredients: Water (7732-18-5)Solvent, hydrotreated light alkanes (64742-47-8)Solvent, Kaolin Clay (1332-58-7)abrasive, Dimethyl silicone fluid (9016-00-6)lubricant, Octadecanoic Acid (57-11-4)lubricant, Confidential Ingredient (withheld), Alkoxy Functional Siloxane (67923-07-3) Film Former, Confidential Ingredient (withheld), Performance Aid, PEG Copolymer (withheld)Emulsion Stabilizer, Confidential Ingredient (withheld), DMDM Hydantoin (68440-84-6) Preservative, Dye (Proprietary) Colorant.

Ultra-Gloss – Tech Sheet


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