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Superstratum Endurance Coating


Endurance Coating: Performance. Integrity.

It is well known that water makes mold grow and that mold can emit mycotoxins. So it’s no surprise research shows that mycotoxin production is directly linked to water damage in buildings. Superstratum Endurance Coating is a next generation dry coating designed for the most extreme performance in wet conditions.

Mold-Resistant Dry-film Surface

When applied to a surface, Endurance Coating’s proprietary technology forms an invisible, breathable dry film that contains preservatives to completely prevent the growth of mold and mildew on its surface. The abrasion resistant film can last for years while encountering water over and over – yet it stays protected from mold growth.

Ideal Uses:

  • Indoor: Basements, crawlspaces, air filters, ductwork, wood framing, carpet, windows, bathrooms
  • Outdoor: Decks, stone, brick, concrete, siding, shingles


  • Performance When Wet: Endurance Coating’s long-lasting performance allows you to prevent mold growth on its surface, even in the wettest conditions.
  • Peace of Mind: The long-term resistance of Endurance Coating gives you the peace of mind that no matter the conditions, wherever you apply Endurance Coating, it will remain protected from mold.
  • Fewer Applications: Because of Endurance Coating’s enduring performance, you save time and energy. Apply it once and get back to living.



SDS Superstratum Endurance Coating 3-7-2024

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32oz. 2 Pack, 1 Gallon

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