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On Quack – Feathers Pack (Interior, Exterior, Leather Cleaner/Protectors, Tire Shine) – Da Feathers


ON QUACK; Get your Cool on with On Quack car detailing chemicals; Just like feathers on a duck, On Quack Feathers Pack cleans and protects your interior surfaces (vinyl, plastic and leather), your exterior surfaces (bumpers, running boards and plastics) and your tires

MAKE CAR WASHING COOL: That’s right, On Quack is making car washing cool again. WHAT DO YOU GET: 16oz Canvasback Interior/Exterior Cleaner/Protectant, 16oz Leatherneck Fine Leather Cleaner/Protectant, 16oz Goldeneye Tire Shine

SERIOUS VALUE: Why spend more on car wash when you can spend less on car wash and buy cool stuff? Incredible money savings introductory pack…you might cry from joy

OBNOXIOUS PROTECTANTS; On Quack car detailing chemicals are uniquely formulated for extra protection power…Boldly Obnoxious (we don’t believe that has ever been used to describe car detailing chemicals)
MADE in the USA: What could be better and cleaner? Oh, your car after you use On Quack products! Question: Are you On Quack?

Additional information

Weight 1.80 kg
Dimensions 30.48 × 15.24 × 10.16 cm
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