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Body Clay Bar


A fast and easy method to remove contaminates from the surface of your vehicle.  The clay is a combination of sticky polymer and light abrasives.  It conforms to the car surface and pulls off the contaminates sitting on top of the paint surface.  It is perfect for removing paint over spray, tree sap, light tar, etc.   The clay pulls the contaminates off the paint surface and they adhere to the sticky clay polymer.  You can visually see the clay getting dirty as you work each section of the paint.  Body Clay is available in 3 strengths.  Dark blue = mild,   Light Blue = medium, Red = aggressive.  (Red clay is only available by calling our office and ordering through customer service.)



    • No special skills or training needed to achieve perfect results.
    • Works on trim, plastic, glass and other areas where contaminates may land.
    • Completely safe, no safety equipment required.
    • Body Shop safe. No silicones or waxes.


    • Wash vehicle to remove dirt and grime.  Rinse vehicle with water.
    • While vehicle is still wet, spray lubricant onto a 2′ x 3′ area (Showroom Finish is our best lubricant)
    • Take 1/3rd of a bar of clay and knead it into a pancake form.
    • Rub the clay onto the surface. Rub back and forth, and up and down to make sure to cover area evenly.
    • Surface will get smoother and more slippery as the contaminates are removed from the surface.  The clay will become dirty with contaminates.
    • Once the area is smooth, wipe area with a microfiber cloth.
    • Knead clay into a new pancake shape and repeat on the next 2′ x 3′ section until vehicle is complete.

Special Tips and Precautions:

  • Do not use soaps, detergents, glass cleaner or anything other then plain water, Showroom Finish or Body Glow as a lubricant. Doing so will cause clay to break down and become soft and stringy.
  • Do not drop! If Clay is dropped, it will pick up dirt and grit from the floor, which will then scratch the car’s finish during subsequent use. Either discard clay or use a knife to cut away the affected area.
  • Dark Blue is mild and is recommended for DIY users and amateurs.  Light Blue is medium and is our most popular grade.  It will lightly mar the surface when used.  Those imperfections are easily removed with an orbital polisher.   Red clay is aggressive and will scratch the surface.  It should only be used on heavily contaminated cars and vehicles that require buffing with a high speed polisher.  It is only available by calling our office and purchasing through customer service.

Ingredients: Polybutadiene (9003-17-2), Confidential Ingredient (withheld) Abrasive, Dye (proprietary) Colorant.

Body-Clay – Tech Sheet

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Light Blue – Medium, Dark Blue – Mild


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