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  • Body Clay Bar


    A fast and easy method to remove contaminates from the surface of your vehicle.  The clay is a combination of sticky polymer and light abrasives.  It conforms to the car surface and pulls off the contaminates sitting on top of the paint surface.  It is perfect for removing paint over spray, tree sap, light tar, etc.   The clay pulls the contaminates off the paint surface and they adhere to the sticky clay polymer.  You can visually see the clay getting dirty as you work each section of the paint.  Body Clay is available in 3 strengths.  Dark blue = mild,   Light Blue = medium, Red = aggressive.

  • IK 12 Pump Sprayer


    The IK Multi 12 Pump Sprayer is specially manufactured with highly resistant materials designed to be compatible with chemical agents commonly used in the world of professional cleaning and disinfection, construction, automotive, and all industrial workshops.

  • IK ALK 1.5 Sprayer


    The IK ALK 1.5 sprayer is designed to spray a wide variety of chemicals in the cleaning and disinfection industry. Especially suitable for alkaline substances, alcohols and acetones. All of them used for cleaning work in food processing companies, kitchens, ovens, floors, glass, as well as graffiti removal on walls.

  • Bug Remover

    From: $8.45

    Remove even the most baked on bug residue with just one application. A blend of water miscible solvents and proprietary surfactants work together to safely and effectively remove all types of bug. This is a non-caustic formula. So, it is gentler on the paint and will not etch even oxidized paint when diluted properly.

  • Cannon Shampoo

    From: $5.95

    Cannon shampoo was formulated for use in foaming cannons.  It creates a thick, rich foam that clings to the vehicle surface.

    This product is highly concentrated and can be used in foaming cannons or by hand.  It contains gentle surfactants that will clean stubborn dirt, brake dust from wheels, etc. without stripping any wax or sealant from the vehicle’s surface.  Cannon Shampoo is the perfect gentle cleaner for routine washings.

    Cannon Shampoo is environmentally safe.  It is biodegradable and non-toxic.

  • CDX Nano Ceramic Sealant


    CDX is the ultimate exterior protection for automobile and marine craft.  It can be used on paint and plastic surfaces to protect them from detergents, road salt, acid rain, and other environmental contaminates.

    CDX uses a combination of ceramic and nano technologies to create a tough, clear coating that protects your vehicle and keeps it looking new for years.

  • Coach Paste Wax


    Mark-V’s Coach Paste Wax is a truly amazing blend of grade 1 Brazilian carnauba wax and new technology nano polymers. These combine to give the wettest, glossiest look of any hard wax on the market. A firm favorite among professional detailers, Coach Wax is renowned for it’s ability to create a finish so slick and wet it almost drips off the car This isn’t an old style paste wax. Coach Wax is easy to use, easy to spread, dries quickly and removes without dust to produce an award winning finish without the effort of other brands.

  • Cyclone Aircraft Cleaner

    From: $7.25

    Cyclone exterior aircraft cleaner is specifically formulated to remove grease, grime, hydraulic fluid, jet exhaust, carbon, and other contaminates from aircraft. Cyclone uses the latest “green” technology to create a safe and effective cleaner without the use of Caustics, Acids, Solvents, HAPs (Hazardous Air Polutants) or APE’s (Akyl-Phenol Ethoxylates) which are commonly used in competitive products. Cyclone is VOC free, solvent free, and readily biodegradable. In addition to being environmentally safe, Cyclone is highly concentrated. This allows customers to save money. Why ship water when the customer can dilute Cyclone themselves? These advantages make Cyclone the product of choice for airlines, military and private aircraft owners to maintain their aircraft.

  • DuPont Tyvek TY127 Disposable Coverall Suit

    DuPont Tyvek TY127 Hooded/Boots Disposable Coverall Suit (25/case)

    From: $226.67

    DuPont Tyvek TY127 Hooded/Boots Disposable Coverall Suit (25/case)

  • Dazzle Cream Wax

    From: $9.95

    Dazzle cream wax is an easy to use glaze & sealant. It can be used by hand or machine to produce the most reflective finish available anywhere. It is our easiest to use glaze & sealer. Easy on – Easy off, low dust, no smear and great shine. It even works in high humidity areas when other products smear. Dazzle is pink in color and has a great cherry smell. Dazzle is the perfect final step for sealing the paint after polishing with Mark-Vs Mystique. It also lasts for 3 – 4 months! Use on new and slightly oxidized vehicles to brighten and seal in one step. Great for removing light swirls with a buffer and foam pad.

  • Hygiena ATP Meter w/ Software and Case (SystemSURE Plus)


    SystemSURE Plus™ is the next-generation system of the world’s best-selling SystemSURE II ATP hygiena monitoring system. With improved functionality, new software, and increased memory, the SystemSURE Plus meets the demands of the largest and smallest companies around the world.

  • Hygiena Ensure Touch




  • Hygiea Ultra Snap Swabs


    UltraSnap™ is a user-friendly, all-in-one ATP sampling test used with Hygiena luminometers. This pen-sized sample collection device is easy to use, small, and environmentally friendly. In addition, UltraSnap uses a unique liquid-stable reagent providing superior accuracy, longer-lasting signal strength, and more reproducible results.

  • DWX Dry Wash n’ Wax

    From: $8.95

    DWX Dry Wash and Spray Wax uses the latest technology surfactants, carnauba wax and polymers to clean, shine and protect a finish in one easy step. DWX is the perfect way to clean your vehicle without water. Rich surfactants provide a lubricating layer on the vehicle surface. They grab onto the dirt, grease and grime and lift it off of the paint to prevent scratching. Then synthetic, wax and polymers are spread over the surface to create the ultimate shine and protection. All without water.

    DWX exceeds all Boeing Exterior D6-17487P and Interior D6-7127M specifications. It can be safety used on all types of aircraft. Use DWX on paint, glass, wheels and chrome.  We all need to conserve water in the Southwestern United States. DWX is the perfect way to keep your car looking great while being environmentally responsible. DWX is water-based and biodegradable. It contains less than 1% VOC’s (fragrance) and no HAP’s.

  • Eco Wax

    From: $9.95

    Ultra Gloss stands out as the ultimate finishing treatment, which protects and restores rubber and vinyl to its original luster. This anti-static formula repels dust and dirt without leaving a greasy mess. Best of all, Ultra Gloss holds up through repeated washings. This is an all-around dressing for use on vinyl, leather, rubber and plastic. Protects all of these surfaces from the elements while leaving the surface non-greasy. Works on both interior and exterior surfaces. Ultra Gloss stands out as a premium dressing with very few products that come close to its performance.

  • Extreme Miracle Cleaner

    From: $7.95

    Extreme Miracle Cleaner is a unique all purpose vehicle cleaner product. Its unique blend of surfactants make Extreme especially suited to clean traffic film from cars, trucks, SUV’s and aircraft, and to emulsify grease from engines and diesel blow by. This product has to be used to be appreciated. It easily removes black streaks from motor homes and tracker trailers, yet it does not contain Caustics, which can cause streaking and damage to the paint. Dead bugs and traffic film are no problem for this powerful cleaner, just wash and rinse. This biodegradable cleaner easily removes even the heaviest concentration of bugs. Extreme can be used even in direct sunlight and will not damage the painted surface or bleach dark colored trims even if the product is allowed to dry. Extreme easily removes white polish residue from exterior trims and vinyl.

  • Fabric Guard

    From: $12.95

    Commercial quality fabric protector.  Unlike most products on the market, Fabric Guard repels both water based and oil based stains.  So, if you spill coffee, tea, cola, motor oil, vegetable oil or other types of products on your carpet or fabric, it will just bead-up.  That makes it easy to just wipe away with a damp cloth.

    No need to re-apply after a few months or years.  Fabric Guard will attach to the fibers and cure just a few hours after applying.  It will become apart of the fabric / carpet and last for the life of the vehicle.

  • Fast ‘n Brite

    From: $9.95

    Utilizing the same unique abrasives as Mystique but with the added bonus of exotic waxes and oils, Fast ‘n Brite allows you to clean paint using a special blend of surfactants, abrasives and polishing agents. Very easy, user-friendly formula contains reactive silicone polymers for longevity. Removes medium to heavy oxidation and scratches. Great alternative to One Shot for a more swirl free finish.

    Fast n Brite is the perfect one step product.  It uses mild polishing abrasives to remove oxidation, swirl marks, spider-web scratches, and light to medium scratches.  And, it contains high quality polymers that will seal and protect the paint surface.  This product is perfect for auctions, detail shops and mobile detailers who need a one step product that is easy to use and long-lasting.

  • G.T.X. Ceramic Sealant with Graphene

    From: $14.95

    G.T.X. combines ceramic and graphene technology to create the ultimate protective coating for your vehicle. G.T.X. gives you the durability, shine and protection of a ceramic / graphene coating with the ease of a spray and wipe application. It’s the perfect combination for busy dealership, detail shop and production facilities that need a quality long-lasting coating with easy and fast application. Once applied to the vehicle, nano graphene particles and ceramics (Si02) bind to the tiny crevices of the paint and cure to a durable, tough coating that protects your paint. The Si02 and graphene barrier will protect your vehicle against bird droppings, environmental fallout, detergents, UV light, road salt, and other harmful contaminates. In addition to protecting your vehicle, G.T.X. will create a shiny, slick, hydrophobic (water beading) surface that will give your vehicle a show car appearance that will last for years. Once cured, the coating is extremely durable. It will repel corrosive caustics, acids, salts and solvents while maintaining the shine and appearance of your paint.

  • Glass Coat (retail kit)


    This is a glass sealant kit for use on windshields, glass shower doors, hand held devices, solar panels, etc. It will create a long-lasting, hydrophobic coating on the glass that will bead water and increase visibility through windshields and keep shower doors cleaner. This kit is an easy to use, two step process.  First, use the Pre-treat to clean the glass, then apply the Glass Coat.  It is that easy.

  • Hot Shot Extractor Shampoo

    From: $7.55

    Hot Shot is a concentrated extractor shampoo. It is a commercial grade shampoo that removes even the most stubborn dirt and stains. It is designed to have almost no foam, which is necessary for the extractor return tank. This product is also designed to keep the heating elements and pumps clean from scale build-up and running efficiently. It does not contain solvent, which can harm the rubber elements of pump, causing them to fail prematurely.

  • Leather Treat – Leather Protector


    For all tanned leather goods. From leather seats and luggage to jackets and handbags, HYDE will protect new leather and restore older, worn leather to their original luster and suppleness. HYDE contains natural oils to replenish leather. It will penetrate the leather and restore moisture and flexibility to the leather. It leaves a natural, non-greasy finish on the leather. It makes the leather look new rather than creating a phony shine. Use HYDE as if applying lotion to your hands. If you use too little, the product will soak into the leather and not spread. Just apply more product as needed. If you use too much, it will be too greasy. If that is the case, just spread the product over a larger area. Remove any residue with a microfiber cloth.

  • Ideal Wheel Cleaner

    From: $7.25

    Ideal uses the latest development in chemistry to create a “safe” acid based wheel cleaner. Ideal does not contain Hydrofluoric or other harsh acids that are harmful to aluminum and dangerous to the user. Ideal uses a unique blend of mild acids and surfactants to clean wheels with ease. Ideal is a thickened product that will spray onto and coat the wheels. Allow Ideal to dwell for 30 seconds – 1 minute and rinse with a pressure washer or a hose. That’s all it takes to clean the worst baked on brake dust and grime.

  • Klenzol – All Purpose Cleaner

    From: $6.75

    Our most popular All Purpose Cleaner. The one product that does everything. Performance and safety work together to give customers an outstanding cleaner. Klenzol uses a combination of water miscible solvents and surfactants to effectively clean a variety of soils from any surface.   Just dilute Klenzol at different levels to clean different surfaces.

    For Engines, concrete, wheels and tires, dilute 5:1 with water.   For carpets, vinyl & leather surfaces, dilute 20:1.   Klenzol is the perfect product for mobile detailers where space is a premium and one product can effectively and safely do the job of a degreaser, white wall cleaner, rim cleaner, and interior cleaner.

  • KMX Ceramic Sealant

    From: $13.95

    KMX ceramic sealant uses a combination of Si02 (ceramic) and nano technology to create a tough, long lasting, paint sealant. Unlike other ceramic sealants, KMX is easy to use. Just a spray and wipe. Yet, it creates a deep, slick finish. Another unique property is that KMX is water-based. It contains less than 10 grams of VOC per liter making it legal to use as a Paint Sealant in all 50 States. By using nano particles, KMX can penetrate and fill the tiny paint imperfections and then seal the surface. This creates more depth and shine than other products. The tough Si02 protectant then seals the paint and creates a tough barrier against bird droppings, industrial fallout, and other environmental contaminates.

    Testing shows that KMX outlasts several other ceramic sealants on the market. Many 9H ceramic sealants can’t stand-up to detergents with a pH above 10. For this reason, many companies void their paint warranty if the customer takes their car through the car wash just one time! KMX will withstand harsh chemicals, road salts and environmental contaminates and keep your vehicle looking better than new.

  • Mag V- Acid-Based Wheel Cleaner – Gallon

    From: $7.25

    Mag V is a Sulfuric acid based wheel cleaner that is combined with several surfactants and buffers. It is green in color and contains a mild wintergreen fragrance. The buffers help to slow the attack of metals and glass, but care must be taken when using. Mag V is designed to clean coated aluminum rims, chrome wheels and bumpers. Use to remove rust, brake dust and grime and brighten aluminum at truck wash facilities. Some concrete mixing companies use it for removing mineral deposits and/or concrete from the finishes of their trucks.

  • Metal Brite Metal Polish


    Metal Brite is a cream metal polish. It contains abrasives, chemical cleaners and polymers formulated to clean and polish all types of metal. Use by hand, with a drill and polishing ball, or with a buffer to create a mirror like finish on aluminum, brass, stainless and chrome surfaces.

  • Paint Sealant

    From: $14.95

    Our Paint Sealant contains the latest in nano and Si02 ceramic polymers. The polymers cross-link and cure to create a tough barrier that protects the vehicle for years. Lasts up to 2 years when applied with the heat of a high-speed polisher. Use on top of any clean, smooth painted surface to protect it from rain, dirt, smog, salt, UV light, detergents, bird droppings, etc. Use to protect paint, chrome, glass and plastic trim. (it will not stain plastic trim). Our Paint Sealant seals and protects the entire vehicle leaving a smooth, slick high gloss finish.

  • Power Brite Cleaner & Wax

    From: $11.95

    Power Brite is a one-step cleaner and sealant. It is specifically formulated for fiberglass & gelcoat surfaces.  Its moderately aggressive abrasive is perfect for removing oxidation and chalking then polishing out to a smooth, shiny surface.  Polymers and synthetic waxes provide lubricity, depth, shine, longevity and a super slick feel. This product is a great one-step for boats and motor-homes. It easily cleans, polishes, and seals fiberglass & gel coat surfaces in one step. It is recommended to use with a high speed or orbital buffer.

  • Qwik Dress

    From: $9.95

    Qwik Dress has a thick, creamy consistency and is easily sprayed or wiped onto any surface. Qwik Dress is a highly concentrated product that may be diluted to achieve desired shine. Even when diluted with water, Qwik Dress dries to a medium high, non-greasy shine. An all-around dressing for use on vinyl, leather, rubber and plastic. Protects all of these surfaces from the elements while leaving the surface non-greasy. Works on both interior and exterior surfaces.

  • Qwik Kut MV-250

    From: $10.45

    This is an aggressive paint polisher compound used to remove 1,000 – 1,200 grit sanding scratches. MV-250 uses a high tech blend of abrasives that cut then quickly break down and polish to a high gloss finish. Works with either a foam or wool pad. This product uses an Aluminum Oxide abrasive, which is safer than the silica abrasive used in the MV-90. This abrasive also breaks down faster and provides a better polish than the silica abrasive in the MV-90. The benefit is a swirl-free finish. This is a great first step compound for Body Shops and competes well against other aluminum oxide containing compounds. MV-250 will not stain or stick to paint. Splatter easily cleans up with a damp towel or by rinsing the vehicle with water.

  • Qwik Kut MV-350

    From: $11.45

    A new fast cutting compound for use on clear coat finishes. Qwik Kut 350 is the latest product in our Qwik Kut Series. It is faster cutting than both the Qwik Kut 250 and the Qwik Kut 90. It is designed to polish out the latest paint technologies including ceramic paints. This is a great first step compound for Body Shops and competes well against other aluminum oxide containing compounds. MV-350 will not stain or stick to paint. Splatter easily cleans up with a damp towel or by rinsing the vehicle with water.

  • R.E.D. Degreaser

    From: $7.95

    R.E.D. features a safe but aggressive blend of grease cutting surfactants and biodegradable solvents which clean grease, carbon, varnish and baked on grime from a variety of auto surfaces. R.E.D. is our most popular degreaser. It easily removes grease and grime, yet will not stain paint or harm aluminum engine components. It is less Caustic (aggressive) than Hurricane, and contains more emulsifying surfactants to dissolve grease and allow it to be rinsed away. R.E.D. is very concentrated. Many customers claim it to be the best degreaser on the market.

  • Rubber Dressing Concentrate


    Rubber Dressing Concentrate is for use in Body Shops and other areas where silicone can be a problem.  Instead of using silicone, RDC uses humectants and polymers to create a deep, rich, shine on tires and trim.   As the name says, it is a concentrate.  Dilute 3:1 with water for a high shine and 4:1 for a medium shine.  This makes it a great substitute for silicone based products which are much more expensive to use.

  • Safe-T-Gard Disinfectant Cleaner


    Safe-T-Gard is a powerful, EPA registered disinfectant and cleaner. (EPA registration number 1839-220-97176).  It is intended for use in ambulances, physician’s offices, transportation terminals, households, EMS and fire facilities, gyms, animal hospitals, animal transportation vehicles, mortuaries, athletic facilities, schools, kennels, and airports.

    Safe-T-Gard kills the virus that causes Covid-19 on hard, non porous surfaces in just 30 seconds!

    Use to clean, disinfect, and deodorize hard, non-porous surfaces, such as stainless steel, glass, plastic, formica, glazed granite and sealed granite.
    It is also great for use on soft surfaces such as couches, fabrics, seat and/or soft cushions and upholstery. It kills microorganisms on bedding, (blankets, chairs, couches, curtains, gym bags, headrests, linens, and mattresses).

    It can be used to sanitize and deodorize movie theater seats, hotel mattresses, gym mats, and rental cars., RVs, motor homes, aircraft, & boats.

  • Showroom Finish

    From: $8.15

    An innovative spray-on, wipe-off finish enhancer, which quickly removes dust, fingerprints, smudges, light dirt, bird droppings, and everything else the environment can unleash on a car’s finish. Can also be used as a wax booster by simply spraying onto a freshly washed vehicle (no need to dry first) and chamois as normal, leaving you with that ‘just waxed look’ in a fraction of the time.  Cleans and shines glass, chrome and all painted surfaces. An excellent lubricant for Body Clay.

  • Splash Water Spot Remover

    From: $7.95

    Splash is a thickened acid product used to remove water spots from paint, glass and chrome. It is a buffered blend that actually dissolves water spots and rinses them away. Splash is just thick enough not to run off of the surface of the paint or glass but slowly coat and cling to the surface. This product has been tested and recommended by Honda. Perfect for use on vehicles, glass shower doors, granite, commercial windows, and even block walls that have mineral stains on them.

  • SRX Spray & Rinse Ceramic Sealant

    From: $6.95

    The easiest and fastest ceramic sealant available.  SRX utilizes covalent bond technology to attach to the vehicle’s surface and create a slick, shiny and tough protective coating on the vehicle.

    The unique benefit of this product is the fast and simple application.  After washing the vehicle, rinse with water.  While it is still wet, spray a light mist of SRX on the vehicle.  Then rinse with water again.  You will notice the vehicle beads and repels the water.  Then dry the vehicle with a microfiber cloth.

    SRX is the perfect product for new car dealerships, mobile detailers, and D.I.Y enthusiasts to keep their vehicle in show car shape.

  • Ultra Gloss Premium Rubber & Vinyl Protectant

    From: $12.95

    Ultra Gloss stands out as the ultimate finishing treatment, which protects and restores rubber and vinyl to its original luster. This anti-static formula repels dust and dirt without leaving a greasy mess. Best of all, Ultra Gloss holds up through repeated washings. This is an all-around dressing for use on vinyl, leather, rubber and plastic. Protects all of these surfaces from the elements while leaving the surface non-greasy. Works on both interior and exterior surfaces. Ultra Gloss stands out as a premium dressing with very few products that come close to its performance.

  • Super Juice – Concentrated Interior Cleaner

    From: $8.45

    Super Juice is a citrus-based interior cleaner. It was aptly named “screaming vinyl death” by one customer who swears it will clean even the dirtiest vinyl and carpets. This product is unique, there is not another product on the market like it. It literally melts dirt and grime off of vinyl. It also cleans carpets making them fluffy and creating a clean citrus smell which customers love. Used on vinyl, carpets, and when diluted, it can be used on leather.

  • Uno All-In-One Compound and Glaze

    From: $13.95

    UNO all-in-one compound and glaze is the most unique product you will ever use. It is great for detailers and body shops to create the ultimate finish with ease. UNO does not contain silicone or wax. It is a micro-fine finessing polish that can easily remove 1500 sanding scratches when using a wool pad. But, when using a polishing foam pad, UNO will create a flawless, show car finish. UNO contains a unique abrasive unlike any used in the auto care industry. This makes it the only product a body shop needs to create a show car finish in ½ the time. To remove 1500 sanding scratches, use UNO with a wool buffing pad. This combination will easily remove the sanding scratches and not just hide them like many other products. Then, use UNO with a finishing foam pad. This will remove any swirls created by the wool pad and create a flawless, deep finish.

  • Velour & Carpet Shampoo

    From: $8.95

    Velour & Carpet Shampoo is the best carpet and fabric cleaner available.  It is a hyper concentrate formula (64 :1 dilution) that utilizes “Dry-Foam” technology.  This means there is no sticky residue left on the carpet after cleaned.  So, the carpets are fluffy and will not re-soil quickly.  The formula also contains optical brighteners to restore color to faded fabrics and sanitizers to remove mal odors.  This product quickly looses ground in dirt and grime and lifts it to the surface so it can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth.

  • Vinyl + Leather Shampoo

    From: $7.95

    Specifically formulated to safely clean interior leather and vinyl surfaces. This product is one of the best leather cleaners on the market. Cleans delicate leather safely and without over wetting or drying. Will not remove dye from leather and will not strip the leather of it’s natural oils.   Concentrated formula, dilute 10:1 to clean vinyl, 15:1 to clean leather and up to 30:1 to clean carpets.  The only product you need to clean your vehicle’s interior.

  • Window Sheen

    From: $7.95

    [David’s test edit] Window Sheen is one of our most popular products.  Flat out the finest glass cleaner available anywhere, at any price. Proprietary, non-soap surfactants and water miscible solvents cut through the oily film on auto glass fast, leaving the glass 100% residue free. Use Window Sheen around the home to clean glass, chrome, appliances and counter tops. But don’t stop there, use it to remove glue residue from “shrink wrapped” autos or as pre-spotter for certain carpet stains.

  • Zone Protects Unscented Insect Repellent Spray

    From: $7.95

    DEET-Free, Picaridin-based Insect Repellent

    4oz Spray & 10oz Continuous Spray

    Active Ingredient: 20% Picaridin

    Unscented and hypoallergenic. Continuous Spray 10oz (sprays upside down)

    12 Hours + protection from mosquitoes, ticks, flies, fleas, chiggers, gnats and no-seeums

    EPA registered, CDC Endorsed and Recommended by the WHO

    Non-oily, non-greasy, non-sticky formula goes on easy and no odor!

    Safe for adults, children and pregnant women

    DEET-Free formula. Better chemistry, better results

    Product Details

    Zone Protects Unscented Insect Repellent is a great product for those who seek DEET-free products. You get instant protection, easy application, and a clean feeling with this safe insect repellent formulation.

    • Invisible spray
    • Long-lasting, up to 12 hours

    The non-oily, non-greasy, non-sticky, and hypoallergenic formula doesn’t leave behind any residue. Ideal for all ages including pregnant women! Shop today!

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