Fabric Guard

Commercial quality fabric protector.  Unlike most products on the market, Fabric Guard repels both water based and oil based stains.  So, if you spill coffee, tea, cola, motor oil, vegetable oil or other types of products on your carpet or fabric, it will just bead-up.  That makes it easy to just wipe away with a damp cloth.

No need to re-apply after a few months or years.  Fabric Guard will attach to the fibers and cure just a few hours after applying.  It will become apart of the fabric / carpet and last for the life of the vehicle.

From: $12.95


    • Long lasting formula.
    • Repels both water-based stains (coffee, cola, tea) and oil-based stains (vegetable oil, motor oil)
    • Lubricates fibers and slows the fraying process experienced by most fabrics.
    • Safe, water-based, formula.
    • Easy to use on all vehicle interior fabrics (carpets, seats, seat belts, head rests, etc.)


Fabric-Guard – Tech Sheet


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1-gallon, 16oz, 32oz