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  • Leather Mate – Quality Leather Conditioner

    Award Winning Leather Care – MADE IN ITALY

    Congratulations.  You have discovered the best all-round leather care product in the world!
    Are you tired of those messy, smelly, time-consuming three or four-step products?
    Have you thrown out more than your share of dried-up old polishes?
    Have you damaged expensive leather items because you simply didn’t have the time and energy to do all those complicated steps required by other leather care products?This product is faster and easier to apply than anything on the market, while at the same time better for the leather than those harsh polishes, soaps and silicon sprays.
    With one simple application this deep penetrating product lifts out old dirt and grime, conditions the leather, restores the original shine and gives the leather a protective coating against sun, water, scuffing and much more.
    In most cases your leather item will be returned to a near-new finish, often better!  Items thought to be beyond repair are usually restored to a condition beyond your wildest dreams!

    Leather Mate leather care products are famous the world over for one reason: They Work!

    Cleaning leather, removing leather stains, waterproofing leather, general shoe care, treating leather jackets, caring for your leather furniture. Car and other vehicles interiors turn out fantastic and beyond expectations in most cases!
    Apply it to motorcycle leathers and car interiors, as well as saddles and other tack.

    You won’t be disappointed and your leather will thank you!

  • Hot Shot Extractor Shampoo

    From: $7.55

    Hot Shot is a concentrated extractor shampoo. It is a commercial grade shampoo that removes even the most stubborn dirt and stains. It is designed to have almost no foam, which is necessary for the extractor return tank. This product is also designed to keep the heating elements and pumps clean from scale build-up and running efficiently. It does not contain solvent, which can harm the rubber elements of pump, causing them to fail prematurely.

  • Super Juice – Concentrated Interior Cleaner

    From: $8.45

    Super Juice is a citrus-based interior cleaner. It was aptly named “screaming vinyl death” by one customer who swears it will clean even the dirtiest vinyl and carpets. This product is unique, there is not another product on the market like it. It literally melts dirt and grime off of vinyl. It also cleans carpets making them fluffy and creating a clean citrus smell which customers love. Used on vinyl, carpets, and when diluted, it can be used on leather.

  • Velour & Carpet Shampoo

    From: $8.95

    Velour & Carpet Shampoo is the best carpet and fabric cleaner available.  It is a hyper concentrate formula (64 :1 dilution) that utilizes “Dry-Foam” technology.  This means there is no sticky residue left on the carpet after cleaned.  So, the carpets are fluffy and will not re-soil quickly.  The formula also contains optical brighteners to restore color to faded fabrics and sanitizers to remove mal odors.  This product quickly looses ground in dirt and grime and lifts it to the surface so it can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth.

  • Vinyl + Leather Shampoo

    From: $7.95

    Specifically formulated to safely clean interior leather and vinyl surfaces. This product is one of the best leather cleaners on the market. Cleans delicate leather safely and without over wetting or drying. Will not remove dye from leather and will not strip the leather of it’s natural oils.   Concentrated formula, dilute 10:1 to clean vinyl, 15:1 to clean leather and up to 30:1 to clean carpets.  The only product you need to clean your vehicle’s interior.

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