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  • Zone Protects Unscented Insect Repellent Spray


    DEET-Free, Picaridin-based Insect Repellent

    Active Ingredient: 20% Picaridin

    Unscented and hypoallergenic. Continuous Spray 10oz (sprays upside down)

    12 Hours + protection from mosquitoes, ticks, flies, fleas, chiggers, gnats and no-seeums

    EPA registered, CDC Endorsed and Recommended by the WHO

    Non-oily, non-greasy, non-sticky formula goes on easy and no odor!

    Safe for adults, children and pregnant women

    DEET-Free formula. Better chemistry, better results



    Made in the U.S.A.

  • Glass Coat (retail kit)


    This is a glass sealant kit for use on windshields, glass shower doors, hand held devices, solar panels, etc. It will create a long-lasting, hydrophobic coating on the glass that will bead water and increase visibility through windshields and keep shower doors cleaner. This kit is an easy to use, two step process.  First, use the Pre-treat to clean the glass, then apply the Glass Coat.  It is that easy.

  • CDX Nano Ceramic Sealant


    CDX is the ultimate exterior protection for automobile and marine craft.  It can be used on paint and plastic surfaces to protect them from detergents, road salt, acid rain, and other environmental contaminates.

    CDX uses a combination of ceramic and nano technologies to create a tough, clear coating that protects your vehicle and keeps it looking new for years.

  • Rubber Dressing Concentrate


    Rubber Dressing Concentrate is for use in Body Shops and other areas where silicone can be a problem.  Instead of using silicone, RDC uses humectants and polymers to create a deep, rich, shine on tires and trim.   As the name says, it is a concentrate.  Dilute 3:1 with water for a high shine and 4:1 for a medium shine.  This makes it a great substitute for silicone based products which are much more expensive to use.

  • Safe-T-Gard Disinfectant Cleaner


    Safe-T-Gard is a powerful, EPA registered disinfectant and cleaner. (EPA registration number 1839-220-97176).  It is intended for use in ambulances, physician’s offices, transportation terminals, households, EMS and fire facilities, gyms, animal hospitals, animal transportation vehicles, mortuaries, athletic facilities, schools, kennels, and airports.

    Safe-T-Gard kills the virus that causes Covid-19 on hard, non porous surfaces in just 30 seconds!

    Use to clean, disinfect, and deodorize hard, non-porous surfaces, such as stainless steel, glass, plastic, formica, glazed granite and sealed granite.
    It is also great for use on soft surfaces such as couches, fabrics, seat and/or soft cushions and upholstery. It kills microorganisms on bedding, (blankets, chairs, couches, curtains, gym bags, headrests, linens, and mattresses).

    It can be used to sanitize and deodorize movie theater seats, hotel mattresses, gym mats, and rental cars., RVs, motor homes, aircraft, & boats.

  • Cannon Shampoo

    From: $8.03

    Cannon shampoo was formulated for use in foaming cannons.  It creates a thick, rich foam that clings to the vehicle surface.

    This product is highly concentrated and can be used in foaming cannons or by hand.  It contains gentle surfactants that will clean stubborn dirt, brake dust from wheels, etc. without stripping any wax or sealant from the vehicle’s surface.  Cannon Shampoo is the perfect gentle cleaner for routine washings.

    Cannon Shampoo is environmentally safe.  It is biodegradable and non-toxic.

  • Velour & Carpet Shampoo

    From: $12.07

    Velour & Carpet Shampoo is the best carpet and fabric cleaner available.  It is a hyper concentrate formula (64 :1 dilution) that utilizes “Dry-Foam” technology.  This means there is no sticky residue left on the carpet after cleaned.  So, the carpets are fluffy and will not re-soil quickly.  The formula also contains optical brighteners to restore color to faded fabrics and sanitizers to remove mal odors.  This product quickly looses ground in dirt and grime and lifts it to the surface so it can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth.

  • SRX Spray & Rinse Ceramic Sealant

    From: $9.38

    The easiest and fastest ceramic sealant available.  SRX utilizes covalent bond technology to attach to the vehicle’s surface and create a slick, shiny and tough protective coating on the vehicle.

    The unique benefit of this product is the fast and simple application.  After washing the vehicle, rinse with water.  While it is still wet, spray a light mist of SRX on the vehicle.  Then rinse with water again.  You will notice the vehicle beads and repels the water.  Then dry the vehicle with a microfiber cloth.

    SRX is the perfect product for new car dealerships, mobile detailers, and D.I.Y enthusiasts to keep their vehicle in show car shape.

  • Ultra Gloss Premium Rubber & Vinyl Protectant

    From: $17.47

    Ultra Gloss stands out as the ultimate finishing treatment, which protects and restores rubber and vinyl to its original luster. This anti-static formula repels dust and dirt without leaving a greasy mess. Best of all, Ultra Gloss holds up through repeated washings. This is an all-around dressing for use on vinyl, leather, rubber and plastic. Protects all of these surfaces from the elements while leaving the surface non-greasy. Works on both interior and exterior surfaces. Ultra Gloss stands out as a premium dressing with very few products that come close to its performance.

  • Eco Wax

    From: $13.42

    Ultra Gloss stands out as the ultimate finishing treatment, which protects and restores rubber and vinyl to its original luster. This anti-static formula repels dust and dirt without leaving a greasy mess. Best of all, Ultra Gloss holds up through repeated washings. This is an all-around dressing for use on vinyl, leather, rubber and plastic. Protects all of these surfaces from the elements while leaving the surface non-greasy. Works on both interior and exterior surfaces. Ultra Gloss stands out as a premium dressing with very few products that come close to its performance.

  • Cyclone Aircraft Cleaner

    From: $9.78

    Cyclone exterior aircraft cleaner is specifically formulated to remove grease, grime, hydraulic fluid, jet exhaust, carbon, and other contaminates from aircraft. Cyclone uses the latest “green” technology to create a safe and effective cleaner without the use of Caustics, Acids, Solvents, HAPs (Hazardous Air Polutants) or APE’s (Akyl-Phenol Ethoxylates) which are commonly used in competitive products. Cyclone is VOC free, solvent free, and readily biodegradable. In addition to being environmentally safe, Cyclone is highly concentrated. This allows customers to save money. Why ship water when the customer can dilute Cyclone themselves? These advantages make Cyclone the product of choice for airlines, military and private aircraft owners to maintain their aircraft.

  • DWX Dry Wash n’ Wax

    From: $12.07

    DWX Dry Wash and Spray Wax uses the latest technology surfactants, carnauba wax and polymers to clean, shine and protect a finish in one easy step. DWX is the perfect way to clean your vehicle without water. Rich surfactants provide a lubricating layer on the vehicle surface. They grab onto the dirt, grease and grime and lift it off of the paint to prevent scratching. Then synthetic, wax and polymers are spread over the surface to create the ultimate shine and protection. All without water.

    DWX exceeds all Boeing Exterior D6-17487P and Interior D6-7127M specifications. It can be safety used on all types of aircraft. Use DWX on paint, glass, wheels and chrome.  We all need to conserve water in the Southwestern United States. DWX is the perfect way to keep your car looking great while being environmentally responsible. DWX is water-based and biodegradable. It contains less than 1% VOC’s (fragrance) and no HAP’s.

  • Fast ‘n Brite

    From: $13.42

    Utilizing the same unique abrasives as Mystique but with the added bonus of exotic waxes and oils, Fast ‘n Brite allows you to clean paint using a special blend of surfactants, abrasives and polishing agents. Very easy, user-friendly formula contains reactive silicone polymers for longevity. Removes medium to heavy oxidation and scratches. Great alternative to One Shot for a more swirl free finish.

    Fast n Brite is the perfect one step product.  It uses mild polishing abrasives to remove oxidation, swirl marks, spider-web scratches, and light to medium scratches.  And, it contains high quality polymers that will seal and protect the paint surface.  This product is perfect for auctions, detail shops and mobile detailers who need a one step product that is easy to use and long-lasting.

  • Mag V- Acid-Based Wheel Cleaner – Gallon

    From: $9.78

    Mag V is a Sulfuric acid based wheel cleaner that is combined with several surfactants and buffers. It is green in color and contains a mild wintergreen fragrance. The buffers help to slow the attack of metals and glass, but care must be taken when using. Mag V is designed to clean coated aluminum rims, chrome wheels and bumpers. Use to remove rust, brake dust and grime and brighten aluminum at truck wash facilities. Some concrete mixing companies use it for removing mineral deposits and/or concrete from the finishes of their trucks.

  • Ideal Wheel Cleaner

    From: $9.78

    Ideal uses the latest development in chemistry to create a “safe” acid based wheel cleaner. Ideal does not contain Hydrofluoric or other harsh acids that are harmful to aluminum and dangerous to the user. Ideal uses a unique blend of mild acids and surfactants to clean wheels with ease. Ideal is a thickened product that will spray onto and coat the wheels. Allow Ideal to dwell for 30 seconds – 1 minute and rinse with a pressure washer or a hose. That’s all it takes to clean the worst baked on brake dust and grime.

  • Uno All-In-One Compound and Glaze

    From: $18.82

    UNO all-in-one compound and glaze is the most unique product you will ever use. It is great for detailers and body shops to create the ultimate finish with ease. UNO does not contain silicone or wax. It is a micro-fine finessing polish that can easily remove 1500 sanding scratches when using a wool pad. But, when using a polishing foam pad, UNO will create a flawless, show car finish. UNO contains a unique abrasive unlike any used in the auto care industry. This makes it the only product a body shop needs to create a show car finish in ½ the time. To remove 1500 sanding scratches, use UNO with a wool buffing pad. This combination will easily remove the sanding scratches and not just hide them like many other products. Then, use UNO with a finishing foam pad. This will remove any swirls created by the wool pad and create a flawless, deep finish.

  • Showroom Finish

    From: $10.99

    An innovative spray-on, wipe-off finish enhancer, which quickly removes dust, fingerprints, smudges, light dirt, bird droppings, and everything else the environment can unleash on a car’s finish. Can also be used as a wax booster by simply spraying onto a freshly washed vehicle (no need to dry first) and chamois as normal, leaving you with that ‘just waxed look’ in a fraction of the time.  Cleans and shines glass, chrome and all painted surfaces. An excellent lubricant for Body Clay.

  • Qwik Kut MV-250

    From: $14.10

    This is an aggressive paint polisher compound used to remove 1,000 – 1,200 grit sanding scratches. MV-250 uses a high tech blend of abrasives that cut then quickly break down and polish to a high gloss finish. Works with either a foam or wool pad. This product uses an Aluminum Oxide abrasive, which is safer than the silica abrasive used in the MV-90. This abrasive also breaks down faster and provides a better polish than the silica abrasive in the MV-90. The benefit is a swirl-free finish. This is a great first step compound for Body Shops and competes well against other aluminum oxide containing compounds. MV-250 will not stain or stick to paint. Splatter easily cleans up with a damp towel or by rinsing the vehicle with water.

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