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SoRite DECON is a revolutionary decontaminant that destroys fentanyl and heroin. The powerful formula is composed of a potent oxidizing agent, sodium chlorite, and a proprietary blend of other ingredients that work together at the molecular level to effectively degrade these dangerous drugs.


According to third party laboratory testing, SoRite DECON can eradicate Fentanyl & Xylazine in 60 Seconds! Unlike other decontaminants, SoRite DECON uses a low concentration of sodium chlorite, making it safer to use than other decontaminants on the market while also achieving the lowest toxicity category. With a pH of 9.2, it is non-corrosive, non-reactive, and non-caustic. SoRite DECON is the perfect solution for investigating narcotic crimes and puts the safety of officers, first responders and gear first. With its fast-acting formula and effective composition, it effectively decontaminates surfaces, equipment, or clothing that have been contaminated with fentanyl or heroin. In addition to its impressive decontaminating capabilities, SoRite DECON is eco-friendly. The product is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and biodegradable, making it a responsible choice for any organization or individual looking to reduce their environmental footprint. If you’re looking for a powerful yet eco-friendly decontaminant that can effectively decontaminate fentanyl and heroin, then look no further than SoRite DECON. The patent-pending formula is a game-changer in the world of decontamination.

With a non-corrosive, non-reactive, and non-caustic composition, SoRite DECON is perfectly safe for use on skin and eliminates odors. It has a pH of 9.2, ensuring that it won’t cause any irritation or harm to the skin.


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12 quarts, 4 gallons, 5 gallon Jerry Can


Emergency Responders, Transportation


Biohazard Decontamination, Cleaning & Disinfecting, Mould Remediation

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