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  • Superstratum Everyday Cleaner

    From: $12.95
    • You care about avoiding dangerous chemicals but you still need a powerful cleaner  – that’s why Superstratum Everyday Cleaner made with nature-derived HOCl is the only cleaner you need in your home.
    • Both gentle and effective – HOCl is produced naturally in the human body yet it’s strong enough to loosen tough bonds that hold microbes onto surfaces. Spray Everyday Cleaner onto contaminated surface, let sit, and then scrub and easily wash it away.
    • Superstratum Everyday Cleaner is made by applying a low electrical charge to a combination of salt and water. The combination of these ingredients creates Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl). HOCl is all-natural and does not contain any carcinogens or harmful synthetic chemicals, and it’s the only lab-tested solution proven to destroy mycotoxins on building materials.
    • Non-corrosive – Non-bleaching – No toxic fumes – No harsh chemicals – Multi-use – Approved for food contact surfaces

    *NOTE – Once you have treated surfaces with Everyday Cleaner consider applying Smart Polymer Coating to seal and protect, thereby reducing the number of future cleanings.

  • Superstratum Smart Polymer Coating

    From: $19.95
    • Superstratum is a COATING – Cleaners and disinfectants are meant to remove mold and microbe growth. But despite hundreds of products that remove mold, there has never been a product that can protect surfaces with smart polymers.
    • Once it is clean. Keep it Clean – Step 1: clean the surface with Superstratum Everyday Cleaner. Step 2: spray Superstratum Smart Polymer Coating and let dry || Showers and bathrooms – 10 weeks protection – Continue to refresh your shower with a light mist of Superstratum and you’ll never see that growth again. Outside the home – 2 years – Rain or shine Superstratum stays protected on your decks, patios, stucco, and vinyl.
    • Safety – Why would you continue to use harmful chemicals each time you clean? Superstratum Smart Polymer Coating uses EPA-registered ingredients so gentle they are found in children’s toys and skin products.
    • Save time AND money – Cut down on the time and money you spend cleaning. Spend less money on plastic bottles and cleaning chemicals. It’s much easier and cheaper to maintain a protected surface than it is to constantly clean it.
    • Countless uses – Grout, slippery sidewalks, boats, lifejackets, outdoor furniture and pillows, vents, air filters, mattresses, refrigerators, washing machines, garbage cans.

    *NOTE – If you would like an effective means of removing moulds and mildew, consider using Everyday Cleaner before the Smart Polymer Coating for perfect and effective results Everytime!

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